Consumer Fireworks Permit Form


Effective July 22, 2024, Mountain View County has implemented a county-wide Fire Restriction due to current and forecasted conditions. This restriction will remain in place until further notice.

What's not allowed (please also refer to image below):

  • All Outdoor Fires, as defined by the County’s Fire Bylaw, must be extinguished.
  • Lighting any Outdoor Fires is prohibited. 
  • This includes open fires, fireworks, recreational fires not contained in acceptable fire pits, and fires that have previously received a Fire Permit.

What's still allowed (please also refer to image below):

  • Acceptable burning barrels
  • Acceptable fire pits
  • Acceptable outdoor fireplaces
  • Barbecues
  • Household fireplaces
  • AER flaring

All current fire permits and fireworks permits are canceled. No new permits will be issued until the Fire Restriction is lifted.

To learn more about the difference between Fire Restrictions and Fire Bans and why they are put in place, please view Reeve Angela Aalbers' informative video at:

The online Consumer Fireworks permitting system is open year-round except in the instance of a Fire Restriction or Fire Ban.

This permitting system is not designed for extensive or professional fireworks. Display Fireworks permit applications are available at this link.

The permitting system currently does not generate a permit number. Your permit should arrive to your email shortly after submission. Please check your spam or junk mail folders if the permit does not arrive in a reasonable amount of time.

Contact 403-335-3311 during business hours if you have further questions.