Agricultural Recycling Programs

For more information on Mountain View County's Agriculture Recycling Programs contact Agricultural Services via email at or call 403-335-3311 during regular office hours.

 Agricultural Twine Recycling takes place at the Agricultural Services shop (next to the County Administration Building at 20 - 1408 Twp Rd 320).

Only bagged, clean, and dry twine will be accepted on scheduled collection dates. 

The collection site is open the first and third Friday each month from 9 AM to 12 PM on the following dates for 2024:

April 5July 19
April 19August 2
May 3August 16
May 17September 6
June 7September 20
June 21October 4
July 5October 18


Please keep in mind twine must be free of hay, straw, mud, manure and debris. Twine must bagged in the clear plastic bags provided free of charge. Bags to collect the twine are available at the County Office and at the Agricultural Services shop.

Should twine for recycling not meet the acceptable contamination threshold, participants will be redirected to the Didsbury Landfill, and will be responsible for all costs for disposal.

If you have grain bags for recycling, under the Alberta Ag-Plastic. Recycle it! Program they can be brought to the Irricana Transfer Site. Please ensure that the grain bags are as clean as possible with care to remove as much organic material (spoilage, dirt, etc.) before or during rolling. Excessively dirty or loose/unrolled bags may be rejected, or subject to a landfill tipping fee or additional charges at drop off. Prepare grain bags by rolling and tying with twine. 

Please contact the Irricana collection site before dropping off material. Contact Rocky View County at 403-230-1401 for more information on preparing grain bags for collection. Further information is available at the following website

TX2 Recycling - in conjunction with the Mountain View County Agricultural Service Board - collects barbed, strand, and page wire to be recycled at no cost to Mountain View County producers.

  • Where - Tx2 Recycling is located along Township Road 322 (Amerada Rd), west of Highway 2A, just past the gas plant entrance and before RR 20 intersection (former Terra Metals location)
  • Website -

Please note:

  • Wire must be free of debris (dirt, sod, posts)
  • All recyclable wire must be rolled as tightly as possible
  • Load wire separate from other metals

*Loads failing to meet the requirements may be subject to a disposal fee*  

For more information contact TX2 Recycling at 403-415-5097.

Need a Fencing Wire Roller?

A Hydaulic Driven Wire Roller for rolling barbed or high tensile wire is available through Mountain View County Agricultural Services. To book and arrance pickup contact the Mountain View County Agricultural Department at 403-335-3311 or

Mountain View County has a recycling site for empty plastic pesticide chemical and fertilizer containers under 23 Litres in size. The site is located 0.5 miles west of Highway 2A on the Bergen Road (Twp Rd 320). Any County resident looking to recycle their plastic chemical containers, can drop them off inside the structure at the recycling site, free of charge.

Before recycling the plastic chemical containers, please remember to:

  • Remove the cap
  • Remove the booklet
  • Triple rinsed or pressure rinsed the container

Any cardboard packaging or paper booklets that are not contaminated with any chemical can be recycled. If there is any contamination please dispose of at the Didsbury Landfill.

To review Beneficial Management Practices for Alberta Farmsteads - Farmstead Waste Management, please click here.

Visit CleanFARMS® for details on their Empty Pesticide Container Collection Program. To find participating retailers with collection sites please visit the Cleanfarms - Collection site finder map here.