- March 27, 2020
Welcome to Mountain View County

Harvest the Opportunity!

Welcome to Mountain View County

Harvest the Opportunity!

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POSTED : 2020 March 27th

Mountain View County, along with our partners at the Town of Sundre have put together a letter asking visitors to stay home until the COVID-19...



The Online Calendar has been closed until April 15th.


Embracing Agriculture

Rural is beautiful, vibrant, supportive. It’s our way of life.


With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the slow move into spring weather, and last year's harvest situation, there is a lot on the minds of Alberta's and Mountain View County's farmers.


MVC Ag Services Updates

POSTED : 2020 March 27th

During this time of uncertaintly a number of organizations and agencies have put out information and learning opportunities for producers to consider in light of COVID-19 pandemic and its impact...

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