Shelterbelts & Eco-buffers

In the past, the federal shelterbelt program provided trees to agricultural landowners through the Prairie Farm Rehabilitation Administration (PFRA). Counties across the province participated in the PFRA program, each spring distributing thousands of seedling trees to landowners. With the closure of the PFRA program in 2013, several wholesale retailers and local nurseries increased their stock of shelterbelt seedlings of native and introduced species. We encourage you to support local businesses.

Landowners may be eligible to apply for funding on a cost-share basis for trees. The County's ALUS Program provides funding for projects on agricultural lands, and the Green Acreages Program is geared towards acreage properties.

Rental Equipment is available for tree planting projects.

Prior to starting your planting project please contact the Planning and Development Services department to ensure there are no setbacks that need to be met and safely identify buried utility lines through Click Before you Dig.

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