Winter Road Maintenance

With the daily commute becoming a common feature of life in Mountain View County, Operational Services has reviewed winter maintenance service levels, and instituted changes to address increased traffic and commuter traffic travelling on County roads. For an overview of the service levels please see the below overview of winter road maintenance levels:

Mobilized response to the storm event location

Mountain View County mobilizes equipment to respond to storm events wherever they may be occurring within the county. Winter storm events sometimes do not affect the whole County at once; so this approach allows Operational Services to maximize its resources and move crews throughout the county to keep roads clear during snowfall events.

Focused response on collector network

Mountain View County’s primary collector roads are the lifeline that keeps commercial emergency and school traffic on the go. In recognition of this, Operational Services crews focuses on keeping the major collector routes open during a storm event; moving on to industrial roads, minor collectors/school bus routes, and all other County roads and subdivision (in that order of priority).

Patrol and response

Mountain View County is committed to ensuring that motorists have safe passage through the County. Early response to address commuters and bus routes takes place with four trucks strategically placed throughout Mountain View County. These trucks are assigned to patrol and sand County roads during a winter storm event, commencing at 7 a.m. and continuing until 7 p.m. An additional eight trucks are available as required. This will ensure that travelers on primary collector routes will be able to make their journey in the best possible conditions.

Primarily truck response during snow events

In an effort to better utilize County resources that are best suited for the situation at hand, Mountain View County responds in two stages:

  • Event: Snow plowing is done using County plow trucks on the hard surface roads and graders on the gravel roads.  Graders will also be used for cleanup or to address severe drifting as required.
  • Post-Event: Cleanup after the event includes subdivision plowing by graders after the event, subdivision plowing and winging and clean-up of road shoulders.

The County uses a process of wetting sand with calcium for winter sanding – this reduces the usage of salt, speeds up de-icing and creates a safer driving surface.

To ensure prompt snow removal on secondary and access roads, residents are reminded to have mailboxes and signage well distanced from road entrance ways so equipment can move freely. The County’s priority is keeping major public roads clear of snow and ice and ensuring transportation networks are operating at peak capacity.

Please call the office for more information  regarding Winter Road Maintenance at 403-335-3311 or email

Winter Road Maintenance Documents