Notice of Discretionary Use Development Permits

Administrative Subdivision and Development Approving Authority or Municipal Planning Commission has authorized the Development Permit approvals of the following applications pending the Appeal period. The Notices of Decision are published here on the County’s website the same day the Decision is made. A person claiming to be affected by this Decision may appeal to the Subdivision and Development Appeal Board by serving written notice (Appeal Form: (Click for Word Version; Click for PDF Versionwith applicable fee to the Appeal Board’s Secretary prior to 4:00 p.m. on the following dates:

March 282023

Division 2: (Water Valley/Winchell Lake) PLDPA20230060

LOEWEN, Heinrich (Applicant/Owner)

NE 20-29-5-5 Plan 7710309 Block 4 Lot 1

Proposed: Amendment to PLDP20220009 for Dwelling, Prefabricated with Temporary RV Accommodations

Division 4: (Harmattan) PLDP20230070

ROSS, Richard A & Shirley E (Applicant/Owner)

NE 26-31-4-5

Proposed: Dwelling, Move In/Relocation

Division 2: (Fallentimber) PLDP20230050

HETTINGER, Travis & VENNARD, Krystal (Applicant) and HETTINGER, Ronald Chester & Gay-Lynn, and HETTINGER, Travis Allen (Owner)

NW 12-30-4-5

Proposed: Dwelling, Secondary Detached with Attached Garage

Division 2: (Dogpound) PLDP20230012

DWAYNE SEAL CUSTOM DESIGNS (Applicant) and OLSON, Ralph Norman & Mina Noreen (Owner)

E  24-30-4-5 Plan 1110013 Block 1 Lot 1

Proposed: Dwelling, Secondary Suite within Accessory Building - Shop and Setback Relaxation to Existing Structure

Division 5: (Eagle Hill/Westward Ho) PLDP20230069

ELDER, Trudy (Applicant) and JARVIS, Doris (Owner)

SW 14-33-5-5 Plan 5473JK Block 12

Proposed: Setback Relaxations to Existing Structures

April 11, 2023

Division 1: (Wessex) PLDP20230049

TECHNO METAL POST ALBERTA INC c/o Christian Rousseau (Applicant/Owner)

S  23-29-1-5 Plan 0612508 Block 1 Lot 10

Proposed: Industrial Storage and Warehousing, Accessory Buildings - Office, Tarp Shed and Storage Building with Setback Relaxation and Sign, On-Site Commercial Sign (One Freestanding) 

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