Rural Addressing

Rural addressing allows 911 operators to assist fire; ambulance and police to find your home quickly in the event of an emergency. When seconds count, there is real peace of mind knowing that help is on the way - directly. These addresses are essentially a street address for rural residences. They can also be used for delivery of goods and services to your home.

How Does Rural Addressing Work?

  • Your rural address effectively provides an address and a house number for every residence on your property. A rural address is not the same as a legal land description (which provides a land location but does not identify individual residences on a property) or a postal address, which directs mail through Canada Post.

How Your Address is Assigned

  • The address is assigned based on the location of your driveway (approach) along the public road (Township/Range Roads/Highways). Each mile of the public road is divided into 40 metre intervals.  Each address interval contains two addresses, one on the east/west side and one on the north/south side. Address numbers increase from south to north and east to west with odd numbers on the south and east sides of roads and even numbers on the north and west side of roads.  

How Does it Help Me?

  • Mountain View County has been working closely with Telus to ensure that rural addresses are tied to landline (home) phone numbers so that when you dial 911, dispatchers will see your phone number and rural address. As landline phones are being eliminated your cell phone location may be the best way to locate you in the case of emergencies. 
  • If you are building on your property, you will require a rural address before you can receive utilities (gas, power, phone, etc.) on your property. A free approach permit may be required to obtain your rural address (and to ensure your approach is built to County Standards). Call Mountain View County at 403-335-3311 or email when your approach is completed, and we will survey your driveway to determine your new address and provide you the details. 

What Do You Need to Do?

    • Every person that obtains approval from the Subdivision Authority for a Subdivision, or the Development Authority for a Development Permit on a parcel of land in the County, shall be responsible for erecting a Rural Address Sign.
    • Follow the Rural Addressing Bylaw No. 12/20 when posting your sign.
    • Your entire address (i.e. 31018 Rge Rd 23) should be posted in your house by your doorways  for quick reference! 
    • Maintain your rural address sign to ensure it is visible at all times.

The Sign is Cheaper Than the Fine!

  • Most residences will only require one sign. You will require more signs if you have multiple residences on your property. The Bylaw infraction could cost upwards of $200 if your sign is not posted as stated in the Rural Addressing Bylaw.

What Should My Sign Look Like?

  • Address letter or number and road section of the address must be a minimum of (3") in height.
  • The reflective panel shall be blue, and the address letter or number shall be in a reflective contrasting white.

How Should I Install My Rural Address Sign?

    • Must be placed on the right-hand side of the driveway, entering the property and far enough from the shoulder to allow snow removal. Clearly visible from public road (from either direction) and shall not be obstructed by trees, buildings, etc.
    • Firmly attached to a post, fence, or other permanent fixture. It is your responsibility to replace if it is damaged or removed.
    • A minimum of 1 metre and no higher than 2.5 metres above natural ground level.

CAUTION should be exercised with any underground installation to avoid contact with utilities.

For assistance with this, contact: 

ALBERTA ONE CALL at 1-800-242-3447 or

Where Can I Get My Sign Made?

Any sign company can produce your sign. Google can assist with this task for your local area. 

Click below to download the latest copy of our Rural Address brochure.

Things to Remember About Rural Addressing

    • If the location of your driveway changes, you may be required to change your rural address.
    • Landowners, not renters, are responsible for ensuring that rural address signs are posted and maintained.
    • The address is tied to the residence, not the person - If you move, leave your rural address sign and information for the new residents.
    • If you are building a residence, shop, or other facility you will need a rural address before calling utility companies for installations
    • The driveway/approach needs to be installed for us to provide an address.

How to Navigate With Your Rural Address

Mountain View County submits rural address information to various agencies to ensure routing is accurate. Some of the organization where the rural address is submitted are: 

  • Alberta Municipal Data Sharing Partnership (For 911 Emergency Medical Services)
  • 911 Telus (911 service)
  • Google Maps
  • Apple Maps
  • MapQuest Map

To access directions to your property in either Google or Apple Maps, go to the Mountain View Rural Address web map: 

From there, type in your rural address, the map will navigate you to the rural address and a link will open the “Google Directions” or “Apple Direction”, depending on what is installed on your phone or computer, click on the appropriate link. 

You can also use MapQuest mapping

In Google you can enter your rural address into the search bar. When searching your rural address include the address number, range or township then Mountain View County. The abbreviation for Range Road is Rge Rd and for Township Road is Twp Rd.

Where Can I Get More Information

Contact Mountain View County at 403-335-3311; or email