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Community Halls And Associations

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Bearberry Hall

Bearberry Wapitana Society

RR#2 Sundre, AB. T0M 1X0

For bookings please call: Kathie Morris at 403-638-2278.

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Bergen Community Hall

Bergen Community Association

RR #2 Sundre, AB. T0M 1X0

For rental inquiries call Shelley Ingeveld at 403-638-2356

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Big Prairie Hall

Big Prairie Community Association

Box 532, Cremona, AB. T0M 0R0

For hall rentals or information, contact Joan at 403-637-2639 

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Coburn Hall

Coburn Community Club

RR#4 Olds, AB. T4H 1T8

For rental arrangements, please contact Janette Pankow at 403-556-2352.

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Dogpound Community Hall (Acme Rd)

Dogpound Community Hall Facebook Page

Hall rental information email:

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Dogpound Rodeo Grounds Hall

Dogpound Agricultural Society

RR# 2 Crossfield, AB. T0M 0S0

Hall rental information call Tamara Ziebarth at 403-993-3501 or email to

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Eagle Hill Memorial Community Centre

3572 Township Rd 340 Mountain View County, Alberta T0M 0K0

For hall and/or ball diamond rental contact Ashlyn Campbell at 403-559-7112.

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Eagle Valley Community Hall

RR# 1 Bowden, AB. T0M 0K0

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Elkton Hall

Hall rentals call Kathy Blaine at 403-335-8099.

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Fallentimber Hall

RR# 1 Didsbury, AB. T0M 0W0

Offers an ideal place for quiet safety meetings, fabulous social activities, and much more. Please contact Ester McMullen at 403-637-2270. For hall bookings contact Maggie Degraaf at 403-335-8836.

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Graham Hall

PO Box 531, Cremona, AB, T0M 0R0

For hall rentals and inquiries please contact Sandi at 403-804-7196.

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Hainstock Hall

RR# 3, Box 16, Site 3, Olds, AB. T4H 1P4

For hall rental inquiries contact Florence Thomson at 403-556-0319.

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Harmattan Community Centre

RR# 2, Box 11, Site 8, Olds, AB. T4H 1P3

For hall rental information contact Donna Smith at 403-556-2290.

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Innis Lake Hall

RR# 2 Olds, AB. T4H 1P3

James River Community Hall

James River Community Association

RR# 2 James River, AB. T0M 0C0

For rental arrangements, please contact Michele Blackhorst at 403-638-4224 or 403-638-1428

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Lone Pine Community Hall

Lone Pine Agricultural Society

RR#2 Site 4 Box 10 Didsbury AB T0M 0W0

For rental arrangements, please contact Jordan Laidlaw at 403-461-1037.

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Lone Pine- Bennett Community Hall

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McDougal Flats Community Centre

Box 128 Sundre, AB. T0M 1X0

For hall rental information, please contact Jan Tudor at 403-638-9212.

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Melvin Hall

Melvin Hall Society

RR#1, Site 12, Box 53

Didsbury AB. T0M 0W0

For hall rental information contact

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Midway Curling Club

RR#2, Didsbury AB. T0M 0W0

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Mountain View Community Hall

RR#2, Didsbury AB. T0M 0W0

For rentals, please call Tina Shultz at 403-335-3694.

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Rosebud Hall

For rentals, please call Carole Wright at 403-335-3780.

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Rugby Hall

Box 367 Cremona, AB. T0M 0R0

For rentals, please call Diana Neufeld at 403-507-3751 or

Water Valley Community Hall

Water Valley Community Association

Box 233, Water Valley, AB. T0M 2E0

For bookings please  email us at

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Westcott Community Hall

Westcott Community Club

RR#1, Site 1 Box 12 Didsbury, AB. T0M 0W0

For rentals, please call Corinna VanDyck at 403-507-5899.

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Westerdale Hall

Westerdale Community Association

RR#2, Site 17 Box 8 Olds, AB. T4H 1P3

For rentals, please call Karen Grudeski at 403-335-4568 or Ashley Ellis at 403-556-7674.


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Westward Ho Hall

For hall rental information contact Pam Hengen at 403-556-2792

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Zella Community Centre

RR#2, Olds, AB. T4H 1P3

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