Taxes - Information & Forms

In May of each year, Mountain View County residents receive a combined Assessment and Tax Notice which indicates the value of property they own, and the amount of taxes to be paid on that property.

Taxes cannot be appealed, however, individual assessment values can be appealed. Please see Assessment FAQ's on the County Assessment Webpage for more information on Assessment Appeal.


Any residents or property owners who purchased property in the last 6 months should contact the County Office at 403-335-3311 or email if they have not received their Tax/Assessment Notice, due to the backlog of updates at the Provincial Land Titles office.

Property tax payments are due no later than September 15th annually. As of September 16th, a 4% penalty will apply to the tax amount outstanding.

Tax Incentives and Penalties

Tax Incentive (1.5%): When payment for your 2023 tax levy is received by June 30, 2023 there is a reduction of 1.5% that will be applied to the account.

Penalty Structure for Late payment: September 16, 2023 is the first day for penalties on 2023 tax levies that are outstanding.

Penalties will continue to be charged for outstanding taxes. So long as taxes remain overdue/unpaid, penalties will apply as follows:

September 16th:    4%January 16th:    3%
March 16th:    3%
June 16th:    2%

2023 Tax Sale Date

The 2023 Tax Date will be in the fall of 2023. More details will follow.

Monthly Pre-Authorized Debit Program

Mountain View County offers a Property Tax Installment Payment Plan that enables you to pay your taxes monthly, instead of in one annual payment. For the first six months of each year, your monthly installment is 1/12th of the previous year’s total tax levy. The monthly installment amount for the last 6 months of the year is adjusted in July and is based on the current year’s tax levy.

If you join the plan on any date after January 31st a one-time catch-up payment will be calculated equal to the amount that would have been paid had, you participated in the plan from January 1st.  Mountain View County’s withdrawal date for the monthly payment plan is the last banking day of each month.

There is a cut off date for signing up for the monthly payment plan and is stated on your yearly Assessment/ Tax Notice.

  • For 2023, the cutoff date is August 8.

For more details on how the monthly payment plan works refer to the Tax Pre-Authorized Debit (PAD) Application or contact the County Tax Department at 403-335-3311 extension 156. To sign up you will need to complete the Tax Pre-Authorized Debit (PAD) Application form and include a void cheque. Your tax notice will show your monthly payment amounts.

You can download the application form here:  Tax PAD Application Form (Fillable PDF)

You can mail, fax (403 335-9207), email to, or drop your application by the County Office.

Other Payment Options

Electronically - You can pay your County bills over the phone, or via the internet, through your own bank.

Getting started is easy. Three simple steps and you're underway:

  • You will need your bank card, password, either the phone number or internet address listed below and the amount of your bill.
  • Once you have connected to your bank, just follow the simple steps your bank will walk you through.
  • The first time you pay a Mountain View County bill, you will need your Customer Number from your bill (it starts with a "C" for a regular account or "T" in the case of a Tax Notice)

Note: Pre-registration is required if you do not currently use electronic banking services. Just phone the Customer Service number for your bank to get started.

Participating Banks include:

  • Royal Bank 1-800-769-2511
  • Bank of Montreal 1-800-363-9992
  • Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC)1-800-465-2422
  • Scotia Bank 1-800-267-1234
  • Alberta Treasury Branch 1-800-661-9619
  • Alberta Credit Unions 1-800-307-8353
  • TD Canada Trust 1-866-222-3456

Mail - Send a cheque to Mountain View County, Postal Bag 100, Didsbury Alberta, TOM OWO

In Person - Visit the County office during regular office hours (8 AM to 4 PM, Monday to Friday); located at 10-1408 Twp. Rd. 320, or take your tax bill into your bank.

For questions or concerns regarding your tax account balance or how to remit a payment please contact the County Tax Department at 403-335-3311 ext 156 or 181.

Tax Certificates

Tax Certificate requests can be filled out using the form at the below link:

Tax Certificate requests can be submitted to the County Tax Department via email, at:

The cost for tax certificates is $35 if the results are to be emailed. Please indicate if your office wishes to pay by credit card or be invoiced.

On your request please include the legal land description in addition to one other reference to the property (LINC number, title number, or civic address).