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Discretionary Use Development Permits

​​Administrative Subdivision and Development Approving Authority or Municipal Planning Commission has authorized the Development Permit approvals of the following applications pending the Appeal period. The Notices of Decision are published here on the County’s website the same day the Decision is made. A person claiming to be affected by this Decision may appeal to the Subdivision and Development Appeal Board by serving written notice (Appeal Form: (Click for Word VersionClick for PDF Versionwith applicable fee to the Appeal Board’s Secretary prior to 4:00 p.m. on the following dates:

June 29, 2021

Division 2: (Fallentimber) PLDP20210230

ARGENT, Shaun R & Shannon M (Applicant/Owner)

NW 24-30-5-5 Plan 1113074 Block 2 Lot 1

Proposed: Dwelling, Move-In/Relocation

Division 5: (McDougal Flats) PLDP20210235

YOUNGER, Kenneth & Lisa (Applicant/Owner)

NW 20-32-5-5 Plan 0212509 Lot 34

Proposed: Accessory Building - Gazebo and Setback Relaxations for Existing Buildings

Division 5: (McDougal Flats) PLDP20210236

BIEBER, Bruce & Mary (Applicant/Owner)

NW 20-32-5-5 Plan 0911079 Lot 84

Proposed: Addition - Covered Deck and Setback Relaxations for Existing Buildings

Division 5: (McDougal Flats) PLDP20210237

GRIEDER, Herb & Tracey (Applicant) and SUNDRE RIVER RESORT INC (Owner)

NW 6-33-5-5

Proposed: Accessory Building – Solarium

Division 4: (Westerdale) PLDP20210238

KREBS, Gord (Applicant) and KREBS, Donald Arthur Martin & Barbara Joy (Owner)

NW 26-31-3-5

Proposed: Dugout with Setback Relaxations

Division 4: (Elkton/Rugby) PLDP20210239

DODD, Michael & WONG, Felicia (Applicant) and COOK, Robert Keith (Owner)

SW 11-31-4-5 Plan 0914271 Block 1 Lot 1

Proposed: Dwelling, Move In/Relocation & Accessory Building – Shop

Division 4: (Elkton/Rugby) PLDP20210245

BROWN, Cameron Dale (Applicant/Owner)

NE 8-31-4-5 Plan 0715847 Block 1 Lot 4

Proposed: Farm Structure with Setback Relaxations (Easterly)

Division 4: (Bergen) PLDP20210251

GRAVES, Sandra Alice (Applicant/Owner)

NE 7-32-4-5

Proposed: Setback Relaxation to Existing Accessory Buildings (northerly)

July 8, 2021

Division 5: (EagleHill/Westward Ho) PLDP20210198

NORTON, Susan (Applicant) and OSBORNE, Kristopher Lorne & Debra Dawn Marie (Owner)

NW 14-33-5-5 Plan 8911541 Lot 11

Proposed: Dwelling, Move In/Relocation and Accessory Building (Detached Garage) and Temporary RV Accommodation

Division 2: (WaterValley/Winchell Lake) PLDP20210241

CCI INC. c/o Malte Weller (Applicant) and MYERS, Douglas J & Dedra Kay (Owner)

SW 10-29-5-5

Proposed: Selective Logging (18.1ha) within ESA Level 1

Division 2: (WaterValley/Winchell Lake) PLDP20210242

CCI INC. c/o Malte Weller (Applicant) and TOPILKO, Chad Jordan & Brittany Dee (Owner)

SW 10-29-5-5

Proposed: Selective Logging (10.1ha) within ESA Level 1

July 13, 2021

Division 6: (EagleHill/Westward Ho) PLDP20210173

CALDWELL, Dale & Tasha (Applicant) and CALDWELL, Tasha Anne and SNYDER, Trent Mervin (Owner)

SE 34-32-5-5 Plan 0213345 Block 1 Lot 17

Proposed: Dwelling, Single Detached & Accessory Building - Detached Garage with Temporary RV Accommodation

Division 7: (Netook) PLDP20210254

INTEGRITY RV (OLDS) LTD. (Applicant) and VAN DEN BOSCH, Johannes & Katrina (Owner)

NW 35-32-1-5

Proposed: Sign - Third Party Commercial (Temporary)

Division 3: (Rosebud) PLDP20210255

SKYWEST AVIATION LTD. (Applicant) and WAGNER, Barbara Jeanne and LOWEY, Daryl (Owner)

SE 5-32-1-5 Plan 1112014 Block 1 Lot 62

Proposed: Educational Services (Flight Training School) within Existing Hangar and One (1) Sign, On Site Commercial

Division 2: (WaterValley/Winchell Lake) PLDP20210259

TIMCO QUALITY BUILDERS LTD. (Applicant) and BUNDSCHOKS, Heinz and Anne (Owner)

SW 23-29-5-5 Plan 1711925 Block 3 Lot 2A

Proposed: Dwelling, Move In/Relocation with Attached Garage

Division 2: (WaterValley/Winchell Lake) PLDP20210260

ORCUTT, Mark & Elizabeth (Applicant/Owner)

NW 3-29-5-5 Plan 9811870 Block 5 Lot 1

Proposed: Accessory Building - Garage with Setback Relaxation to Replace Existing

Division 5: (EagleHill/Westward Ho) PLDP20210268

HODGKINSON, Raymond John & Debbie (Applicant/Owner)

NE 21-32-5-5 Plan 8011003 Block G Lot 6

Proposed: Accessory Building - Sea Can


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