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Discretionary Use Development Permits

​​Administrative Subdivision and Development Approving Authority or Municipal Planning Commission has authorized the Development Permit approvals of the following applications pending the Appeal period. The Notices of Decision are published here on the County’s website the same day the Decision is made. A person claiming to be affected by this Decision may appeal to the Subdivision and Development Appeal Board by serving written notice (Appeal Form: (Click for Word VersionClick for PDF Versionwith applicable fee to the Appeal Board’s Secretary prior to 4:00 p.m. on the following dates:

February 6, 2020

Division 2: (WaterValley/Winchell Lake) PLDP20190336

LANDSOLUTIONS LP on behalf of Telus Communications Inc. (Applicant) and DIAMOND ONE HOLDINGS INC (Owner)

SE 27-29-5-5

Proposed: Communication Tower

Division 6: (EagleHill/Westward Ho) PLDP20190349

ATKINSON, Stefan Eric and KEOUGH, Jennifer Diane (Applicant/Owner)

NW 23-34-4-5 - Plan 0112501; Block 1; Lot 4

Proposed: Existing Solid Board Fence with Southerly Front Yard Setback Relaxation

Division 5: (McDougal Flats) PLDP20190353


NW 31-32-5-5 - Plan 7711368; Block 1; Lot 1

Proposed: Change of Use for Accessory Building & Dwelling Unit to Commercial Use and Existing Automotive, Equipment and Vehicle Services within Existing Buildings & Industrial Storage and Warehousing

Division 4: (Westcott) PLDP20190356

JANZEN, Darryl & Josephine (Applicant/Owner)

NE 33-30-2-5 - Plan 1310445; Block 2; Lot 1

Proposed: Existing Dwelling, Single Detached with Size Variance to be Replaced with a Dwelling, Single Detached & Change of Use for Existing Dwelling, Single Detached with Size Variance to Accessory Building & Existing and Proposed Accessory Buildings with setback relaxation to existing Accessory Building (Hobby Shed)

Division 5: (James River) PLDP20190337

JONES, Bailee (Applicant) and JONES, Kenneth M & Marilyn Jones and JONES, Peter Elliott (Owner)

SE 8-34-5-5 - Plan 1911264; Block 1; Lot 1

Proposed: Existing Dwelling, Single Detached with Size Variance to be Replaced with a Dwelling Single Detached


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