Emergency & Disaster Management

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Welcome to Mountain View County's Emergency and Disaster Management webpage.

This page includes many links to information regarding how to prepare, who to contact, how to recognize, and what to know during an emergency event in Mountain View County and Alberta.

Many of these links are to organizations or groups outside of Mountain View County. The County takes no responsibility for the content of these sites.

Mountain View County Information

During an emergency event in Mountain View County alerts, updates and other information is available through many channels including:

Social Media:



Local Radio:


Mountain View County also has published a Flood Preparedness Guide for the McDougal Flats Area, southeast of the Town of Sundre along the Red Deer River. However, many of the same information and principles apply to any part of the County near a flooding water body. Download the Guide at the link below:


Sandbags can be issued at the discretion of the Director of Emergency Management, but are intended to be reserved for emergency response situations. Preservation and protection of public infrastructure that serves the whole community is a priority for Mountain View County. Individuals seeking preventative assistance on private property should source sandbags from a commercial source. See below for a list of commercial suppliers.

Alberta Emergency Management Agency

Useful Emergency Information Links & Apps