Resident Involvement & Engagement

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Engagement & Public Participation

When the Provincial Government updated the Municipal Government Act in 2017 it became a requirement that municipalities implement a Public Participation Policy that outlined how municipalities would inform and - where required - actively engage their public.

On June 13, 2018, Mountain View County Council approved Policy #1030 Public Participation.

Ongoing Community Engagements

**Please note: these engagements and public participation opportunities do not include required bylaw public hearings and statutory land-use public hearings.

Borrowing Bylaws 21/19 & 22/19

On September 4, 2019, Mountain View County Council gave first reading to Bylaw 21/19 (for purpose of borrowing $3M for 2020 Capital Projects) and Bylaw 22/19 (for purpose of lending $3M to Mountain View Seniors' Housing).

The process following first reading is two weeks of advertising (see notices linked below), followed by a 15 day petitioning period, followed by second and third readings should Council decide, followed by a valid bylaw 30 days after bylaw has been passed. The earliest the bylaws could come back to Council for consideration of second and third reading is October 9th, 2019.

Further to the below statutory advertisements regarding Bylaw 21/19 and Bylaw 22/19, here is some additional information:

  • Proposing the two bylaws be approved concurrently allows the County – should MVC Council provide those approvals – to remain cash neutral while accomplishing the goals of the proposed bylaws: to provide a loan to Mountain View Seniors Housing, and to complete the planned 2020 capital bridge and road projects outlined in the bylaw.
  • Borrowing and Lending Bylaws require maximum and minimum rates, thus why Bylaw 21/19 has a maximum of 3.5% and Bylaw 22/19 has a minimum of 1.5%. These rates are based on the expected December Alberta Capital Finance Authority (ACFA) rates, the time period when the transaction can next be completed under ACFA terms.
  • Under the terms of the two proposed bylaws the County – following repayments – will likely emerge slightly cash positive due to the 0.5% administrative fee being proposed in Bylaw 22/19.
  • Information on process and petitioning is available in the below bylaw Advertisements.

Contact the County at or at 403-335-3311 during office hours for more information.

Bylaw 21/19: Link to proposed Bylaw; Link to Bylaw Advertisement

Bylaw 22/19: Link to proposed Bylaw; Link to Bylaw Advertisement

Strategic Communications Plan

Mountain View County Council is developing its Strategic Communications Plan, a plan that will set the direction of how Council wishes to communicate with its many stakeholders. That includes County residents and landowners.

Most recently the County held a voluntary survey of residents regarding communications avenues and media. Thank you to the 170-plus residents who responded to the short survey. The information will be used to help with the Strategic Communications Plan process. The County will keep you posted as to progress at this web location, through social media accounts and via traditional local media as well.

Next step is a re-drafted Strategic Communication Plan going before Council on Sept. 11th, 2019.

See the Agenda Page

Stay tuned for more updates!