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Borrowing Bylaw 17/21

Mountain View County has given first reading to Bylaw 17/21 to repurpose previously borrowed money for planned bridge and culvert replacement projects.

Part of the process is to advertise the purpose of the borrowing bylaw and allow a petitioning period for the Electors of the municipality to raise objections.

Please see the official notice below:


TAKE NOTICE that the Council of Mountain View County, in the Province of Alberta, has given first reading to borrowing Bylaw No. 17/21 which will, upon final passage and approval, authorize the proper officers of Mountain View County to reallocate borrowed monies previously received from the Alberta Capital Finance Authority by way of debenture issued for the municipal purpose of funding 2021 Bridge and Culvert Replacements, currently planned for in the 2021 Budget.

The reallocation required for the aforesaid projects amounts to One Million One Hundred Thousand Dollars ($1,100,000). This amount is the net amount of reallocation required by Mountain View County. The term of the loan will be twenty (20) years, with the maximum rate of interest of the loan to not exceed two point six-nine per cent (2.69%).

THEREFORE NOTICE is hereby given by the Council of Mountain View County that, unless a petition of the electors for a vote on Bylaw No. 17/21 is demanded, as provided for by the terms of Section 231 of the Municipal Government Act, Mountain View County Council may pass the said bylaw.

This Bylaw may be viewed on the County website at:

Or in person at the Mountain View County office Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. All persons interested are hereby notified of this bylaw’s status and their right to submit a petition in respect of it, and they are required to govern themselves accordingly.

DATED at the Municipality of Mountain View County, in the Province of Alberta, this 30th day of March, 2021.
Municipality of Mountain View County 
PER: Jeff Holmes
Chief Administrative Officer 


Electors of Mountain View County, as defined within the Local Authorities Election Act, that wish to file a petition in respect of this Bylaw should reference Sections 220 to 226 of the Municipal Government Act for an outline on the regulations to be followed in order for a petition to be determined valid.

Further, Electors can contact Jeff Holmes, Chief Administrative Officer, for additional guidance on petition development and submissions.

Information for the General Public on Submitting a Petition can also be found on Alberta Municipal Affairs website at the following location:

The petition must be received by the Chief Administrative Officer by 4 p.m.
on April 27, 2021.