Fire Permits & Regulations

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The Steps to Take for Controlled Burns in MVC

1. Fire Permit (Seasonal)

The online fire permitting system is now closed until March 1, 2022.

QUESTIONS? Please call 403-335-3311.

To view the MVC Fire Bylaw for further details see: MVC Fire Bylaw 26/18

Note: If conditions also dictate, the County (or the Province) may institute a partial or total fire ban at any time of the year (See Step #4). Under these circumstances all burns must be extinguished and new burns are not permitted.

2. Conducting Your Burn

Mountain View County residents outside of the Forest Protection Area are able to conduct their burn if all conditions for conducting a safe burn per the MVC Fire Bylaw 26/18 have been met.

Local Fire Department Contact Information

Carstairs 403-968-5083
Cremona/Water Valley 403-870-4223
Didsbury 403-335-3222
Olds 403-507-4850
Sundre 403-638-4044

3. Determine if you live in the Forest Protection Area

The Alberta Forest Protection Area includes two portions of Mountain View County:

  • West of RR 54 from Twp Rd 310 to the South Boundary (covered by Calgary Ag & Forestry office - 403-297-8800 or 310-0000 toll free). West of Water Valley.
  • West of RR 60 from Twp Rd 312 to the North Boundary (covered by Rocky Mtn. House Ag & Forestry office - 403-845-8250 or 310-0000 toll free). West of Sundre and Bergen, covers Coal Camp, Bearberry.
  • Alberta Wildfire Online

NOTE: Mountain View County cannot issue fire permits for these areas and cannot institute fire bans in these areas. The full responsibility for these regulations is with the Province of Alberta.

4. Determine if it is Safe to Burn

During certain times of the year, due to dry and/or windy conditions, full or partial fire bans may be implemented for Mountain View County and the surrounding communites and municipalities.

During full fire bans, fires within the County are banned until further notice, and all existing fires must be extinguished.

Exceptions are made for fires which are contained in cooking and heating appliances fuelled by fluids, gasses, briquettes or pellets. During a partial ban, contained campfires with a screen and burning barrels are generally exempted along with the above outdoor cooking appliances.

During a partial or full fire ban, any fire permits that have been previously issued by the County will be void. New fire permits will not be issued until the ban is lifted.

Information on fire bans will appear on our website, on our social media accounts, or can be viewed at the Alberta Fire Bans website.

2021-22 Mountain View County fire guardians
Pam Thomas Mountain View County Staff 403-335-3311 ext 125
Jane Fulton Mountain View County Staff 403-335-3311 ext 184


Under provisions in the MVC Fire Bylaw (Bylaw 26/18), use of fireworks requires a permit year-round.

Mountain View County has two Fireworks categories: Consumer and Display.

Consumer Fireworks are defined as fireworks that are low-hazard and designed for recreational use.

Display Fireworks are defined as fireworks that are high-hazard and designed for professional use.

An online permitting system has been developed for Consumer Fireworks. If the permit does not get emailed to you directly please contact the office at 403-335-3311 ext 204.

Anyone planning Display or extensive firework useage is asked to fill out the Display Fireworks Application, or call the County office at 403-335-3311 ext 204 and obtain their permit or request more information.