Preserving Supply Reason for Gravel Sales Policy Change

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Mountain View County’s updated gravel sales policy (Policy #4025) – approved at the November 18th Council meeting – limits the sales from County owned or leased gravel pits to gravel screenings only.

Previously, the County’s gravel sales policy allowed for sales to the public of crushed and pit run gravel, in addition to gravel screenings. Gravel screenings are a smaller form of aggregate that is often the byproduct of gravel extraction and crushing processes.

In their deliberation before making the decision to approve the policy changes, Councillors voiced support for keeping the screenings for sale as it is a popular product among the agricultural producers in the County and not utilized as frequently by the municipality for its purposes.

The policy limits the amount of screenings available to residents to 450 yards or 561 tonnes per year. In the current County fee schedule, the cost for screenings is $3.50 per tonne. Additionally, residents purchasing screenings must also provide their own transportation for the product.

With this decision, the annual Gravel Blitz held in early October will be eliminated.

Council’s rationale for the change in policy is to preserve County gravel inventory for infrastructure usage, primarily on building and maintaining County roadways. While administration has reported that there is a secured 100-plus year inventory of gravel for municipal purposes, fewer potential viable gravel deposits, along with changing Provincial approval processes and environmental oversight, has prompted the frugal approach from the County.

Also, Council and administration strongly supported the notion that the County should avoid competing with private pit owners whenever possible and should be doing all the County can policy-wise to help the private operations remain viable. The County has attempted in the past to keep its gravel pricing in line with private operators but has heard from many of those operators that County sales do impact their bottom line.

The County will look to provide interested residents with a list of private operators who facilitate public sales of gravel. Watch for those updates in future County communications.

Any questions on this policy update, please contact the County office at 403-335-3311 or via email at Also, contact your local Councillor for more information. Contact information for Council members is available online at