NEW: County Fire Boundaries Adjusted

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Mountain View County, in consultation with the five regional fire chiefs, has adjusted the fire boundaries within the County with a strong focus on response time and department proximity to incidents.

For most residents, their property has not been reassigned to a different department as they are already effectively serviced. For those properties that have been reassigned, no impact should be experienced with the exception that property owners should contact their new department for any fire inquiries or planned activities.

Developed using a GIS based approach, with on-the-ground knowledge to account for operational considerations or topographic constraints, updated maps are available below and became effective Monday, December 7, 2020.

Mountain View County provides fire services to our municipality through Fire Services Agreements with each of our five urban partners; Carstairs, Cremona, Didsbury, Olds and Sundre. Part of the service provision is the establishment of Fire Boundaries which outline which department will be the initial dispatch based on the location of the incident in the County.

Over the past year, Mountain View County has worked in collaboration with the Regional Fire Chiefs group to review and revise these boundaries with a strong focus on ensuring that the department which is closest to the incident would be the one that would receive initial dispatch. Regardless of which department receives initial dispatch, each fire chief remains empowered to call upon additional resources from other departments – often referred to as ‘mutual aid’ – to provide for the most effective response possible.

Mountain View County greatly appreciates the partnership with the five departments and their participation on this review to ensure that all County residents receive the highest service level possible.

Residents are encouraged to review the full map on the County website and to contact Pam Thomas, Community Services Coordinator, at if they have any inquiries about the boundary changes.

Non-emergency contacts for the five departments are:



Cremona/Water Valley








2020 Fire Boundary Maps (click on map for larger view):