Weeds of Concern

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Weeds of Concern in Mountain View County

While all weeds in the Weed Control Regulation should be controlled some weeds are more common in this County. The following is a list of prohibited noxious and noxious weeds to be on the look out for in the County and if found should be eradicated or controlled. Please contact the Agricultural department at Mountain View County if you require assistance in weed identification or control.

Please click on the name of each weed to learn more about them, information provided by the Alberta Invasive Plants Council :

Other weeds to be on the lookout for:

For more information on weed prevention please click the following link:

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To assist in their disposal, Mountain View Regional Waste Management Commission, in partnership with MVC Agricultural Services, has provided bins at four locations around Mountain View County.

Bins are located at: The Olds Transfer Station, Sundre Transfer Station, Didsbury Landfill and the Water Valley Transfer Station.