Pest Management

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Keeping pests under control is a major municipal responsibility. It is the responsibility of Municipalities under the province's Agricultural Pests Act to appoint inspectors to carry out Pest Control activities as required. Pests are defined in the Pests and Nuisance Control Regulations of the Act. Locally the Agricultural Service Board carries out Agricultural Programming on behalf of Mountain View County, and has identified numerous pests and nuisance species under the Act that the County targets with specific programs.

Currently special programs are in place to cover rat sightings, Coyote Predation Management and Richardson ground squirrel. The Agricultural Service Board has several other programs in place to monitor pest levels in the County as well as newly emerging pests such as Clubroot and Fusarium which either currently do not exist in the County, or exist at very low levels. Monitoring programs are also in place to deal with pests like wild boar and grasshoppers. General assistance and information is available from the Mountain View County office for any other declared pest or nuisance.

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For more detailed information or for questions on managing pest and nuisance species please review the information below or contact the Agricultural Services Department at Mountain View County, 403-335-3311.

Provincial Information

Please use the below links to further Alberta Agriculture & Forestry resources in regards to pest control and pest management or mitigation.