Equipment Rentals

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Spray Equipment Rentals

The Agriculture Service Board of Mountain View County has an equipment rental program available to assist land owners and lease holders of County lands in controlling their weeds:

  • Pull behind sprayers capable of spraying an estimated 36 foot span, equipped with approximately a 400 gallon tank, boomless nozzles and hand wand. Designed to be used in pastures with its tandem walking beam axle. Five are available for use, each powered by Honda motor and 12 V battery access is needed to operate the spray on/off solenoids. Free of charge.
Larger View of Mountain View County Pasture Sprayers Rentals
Larger Rear View of Mountain View County Pasture Sprayer
Larger View of Motor of Mountain View County Pasture Sprayer


  • Slide in skid mounted sprayer capable of spraying an estimated 36 foot span, equipped with a 125 gallon tank, boomless nozzles and hand wand, free of charge
  • For small area weed control and spot spraying assistance please contact the Mountain View County Agricultural Department at
Larger View of Mountain View County Skid Mount Sprayer Rental

Range & Pasture Sprayer Guidelines

  • A review of the sprayer, use and safe operation along with signing of a liability release will be done at the time of pick-up
  • A walk around inspection of the sprayer is done at pick-up and drop off by County Agricultural staff. Incurred damages will be invoiced to the appropriate user
  • Only clean water shall be used in the sprayer
  • Only range and pasture labeled herbicides are allowed to be used in the sprayer. Landowners will provide all of their own herbicide and use in an appropriate manner, consistent with recommended label uses
  • The user of the sprayer has to supply all of their own safety equipment
  • The suggested maximum speed while spraying is 2 to 6 mph
  • The user is responsible for calibration
  • The County does supply a general application speed chart
  • The County is not responsible for any misapplications or spills
  • When the landowner is finished using the sprayer it is to be returned to the Agricultural Services Shop.
  • Please contact the County Agricultural Services to arrange pick up and drop off times for the sprayers.

Livestock Management Equipment Rentals

Fencing Wire Roller

  • Hydraulic Drive – requires tractor hydraulics, mounts to  tractor draw bar or 3 point hitch. Good for barbwire and high tensile

Cattle Scale

  • Contact to book, $150.00 damage deposit is required

Tag Reader Gallagher SmartReader HR3

Mountain View County in partnership with Alberta Agriculture has a Gallagher Smart Reader HR3 available free of charge to County residents. It can be used for reading the RFID tags and for the age verification of livestock. The Gallagher tag reader comes with a weigh scale comms/power cable, 12 volt battery cable, Bluetooth RS232 adaptor with short extension cable, USB to RS232 cable, instruction manual, 12V DC battery charger (100-240 VAC), and MyScale Pro cd.

Some other uses of the SmartReader HR3 are: easy identification of individual animals, fast access to accurate information, automated drafting, reduced paperwork, full integration with other data bases, accurate record keeping for breeding, monitor animal health risks, full traceability for consumers, and enough memory for 5,000 tags. Click to view regulations on livestock traceability.

Pest Control Equipment Rentals

  • Skunk Traps
  • Pocket Gopher Traps
  • Trail Camera

Tree Planting Equipment Rentals

  • Tree Planter for seedling tree (pencil size) $150.00 damage deposit is required
  • Plastic Mulcher, free of charge, user must supply their own plastic mulch

Please contact the Agricultural Department to book and arrange pickup for any of the items listed above at 403-335-3311 or