Environmental Farm Plans

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Mountain View County is committed to helping you complete an Alberta Environmental Farm Plan (EFP) a process that helps you identify and address environmental risks and opportunities in your operation. The EFP will play a key part in:

  • Safeguarding your local environment
  • Building credibility for your operation with financial institutions and the community at large
  • Sustaining the health and future of the County's agriculture industry

The EFP program provides you with a voluntary, confidential self-assessment process to evaluate the environmental risks and strengths of your operation and develop a plan to address those risks and strengths.

  • Learn more about how agricultural practices affect the environment,
  • Learn more about management options that protect soil, water, air and habitat quality
  • Identify what you are already doing well and where improvements can be made

EFP's do require updating. To be eligible for cost-share funding your EFP must be dated within the last 10 years. You can update your EFP online by visiting the website below. 

To find out more about the Alberta Environmental Farm Plan, please visit www.albertaefp.com for specific details on the Alberta Farm Plan program and its resources. Or contact our Sustainable Agricultural Specialist, Lorelee Grattidge, at 403-335-3311, ext. 163 or ag@mvcounty.com for assistance with this program.

Canadian Agricultural Partnership (CAP)

The Canadian Agricultural Partnership (CAP) formerly known as Growing Forward 2 is now accepting applications. Please visit the website at www.cap.alberta.ca to check out the funding programs and be sure to subscribe at the website to receive the latest program announcements.

Be sure to contact Alberta Ag at 310-FARM or contact our Sustainable Agricultural Specialist, Lorelee Grattidge at 403-335-3311, ext. 163 or ag@mvcounty.com for assistance with any of these programs.