County Lands & Leases

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Attention Hunters

Property owned by Mountain View County is fee simple land and therefore requires permission from both Mountain View County and our leaseholder to access. On the County land ownership map, County lands show up as orange, and crown owned properties are Green. For hunting privileges the lease holder of County owned land must consent in writing, prior to hunting privileges being granted.

County owned land is often confused with crown land; Crown lands are owned by the Alberta Government. Permission to enter must also be acquired from Crown lease holders prior to entry on crown lands. For more information on Crown lands please click the link to the Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development's web site Recreational Access to Agricultural Public Land.

Please note: Permission to enter does not apply to Municipal or Environmental Reserve Properties, which are owned by Mountain View County, and in place for the public to access. Firearms are prohibited on County owned Reserve lands at all times.

For more information about County owned lands contact Agricultural Services at 403-335-3311 or

Jackson Lake Conservation Easement

Mountain View County has a conservation easement agreement with the Legacy Land Trust Society to preserve 644 acres in the area known as Jackson Lake.