Press & Information Releases

Mountain View County is committed to sharing information with ratepayers, businesses, and media - anyone who has an interest in what's happening in our municipality.

Here is a snapshot of what Communication does to keep you informed:

  • Prepares and distributes County media advisories and information.
  • Coordinates the development and use of the corporate logo, word mark and images.
  • Develops new and recent editions of What's New In Mountain View in the Mountain View Gazette
  • Prepares documents assisting with Council initiatives.
  • Creates and prepares content on topics covering all County departments for print, radio and internet dissemination.
  • Serves as a liaison for Council and Administration to assist in working with media, organizations, other communications professionals, and members of the public.
  • Maintains, creates and updates content for, Facebook and Twitter.
  • Creates materials and participate in public relations and recruitment initiatives - such as Trade Fairs, industry conferences, public meetings - as directed by Council and administration.

As well, we welcome your questions and inquiries. Should you require information on an issue or emerging development, please contact communications at 403-335-3311 ext 214.

To see an electronic version of the weekly County pullout in the Mountain View Gazette, please view the below links:


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