Digest: Fire Permits; Weed Inspection; Tax Notices

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Friday, May 19, 2017

Mountain View County’s online permit system continues to be very popular among residents due to the high number of submissions for burning permits.

Occasionally, the response emails – which contain the permit number necessary to call fire dispatch (1-877-507-7011) – have ended up in spam / junk folders or have been blocked outright by email programs.

Of note, the auto-reply emails sent to Xplornet Webmail accounts are almost always blocked by the server. If you have an alternate email, please consider using that address if your initial email (regardless of domain) does not receive a response from the permit system. Also, check your spam / junk folder to see if the permit email has landed there.

The fire permit applications are not reviewed by staff, as a properly filled out application will generate an auto-approved permit if you have:

  • Used an active and properly typed email address
  • Fill out all the required lines

The County does receive a delivery failure notice, but it often is one to two hours after an application has been made as the auto-reply system will continue to try and send the email. We will forward you this notification during office hours once the auto-reply email bounces back to our system. This only happens for emails that do not deliver, not ones that end up in spam, junk or garbage folders.

Please call our office at 403-335-3311 if you have not received your auto-reply email from the system within a reasonable amount of time of application.

If you are planning to burn on a weekend, or think you might burn on a weekend, please fill out your permit during County office hours (8 am to 4 pm) prior to the weekend in case you require support from the office to retrieve or help you fill out your application.

You can fill out the permit to be in effect for multiple days and you can apply again if the permit expires before you burn.

The County will continue to try and improve the system and will update the public through our social media, website and newspaper pages as changes arise. Thank you for your patience as we work through the new system challenges.


Weed Inspection Program, Weed Alert

With the arrival of spring, the Mountain View County weed inspection program is once again underway.

Weed inspectors will be visible throughout the County looking for Prohibited Noxious and Noxious weeds, while increasing public awareness of invasive weed species and the weed inspection program.

County weed inspectors will always attempt to make contact with landowners before entering property to issue weed notices. Mountain View County’s weed inspection program is run under the provincial Weed Control Act.

Of note, the County’s Ag Services Department is asking landowners to be on the lookout for Absinthe Wormwood, an aggressive weed that is being noticed in the east portion of the County. This weed is toxic to livestock. There is an advertisement with information and pictures on page four of this pullout.

If you would like to report a weed problem, have questions about the weed inspection program or would like more information about Absinthe Wormwood, please contact Agricultural Services at 403-559-7411 or visit us online at www.mountainviewcounty.com/agriculture-environment/weed-management.


Tax and Assessment Notices

Mountain View County tax and assessment notices were sent out to ratepayers on May 5, 2017.

Any ratepayer who has not received their notice within 10 days of that date is asked to notify the County Office.

Any questions regarding your assessed value can be directed to the MVC Assessment Department.

Contact us at 403-335-3311 or drop by the office and ask to speak to someone about your assessment.