Dial 211 Service

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 Phone “211” to get information on community, health, government and social services.  211 is an invaluable Information and Referral Service that acts as a key Community Resource Navigator for residents as well as service providers.  By dialing three (3) simple and easy to remember digits, callers can connect to trained Information and Referral Specialists 24 hours a day, seven days a week regarding Social, Government, Health and Community Services in over 150 languages.

Mountain View County is aiming for a soft launch and system check of the 211 Service in early April, 2017, followed by marketing and a full launch of services in May, 2017.

211 Information & Referral Specialists are responsible for answering the free, 24 hour, 211 Information and Referral Line to provide referrals about community, health and government agencies.  These Specialists actively work towards Certified Information and Referral Specialist (CIRS) and Certified Crisis Worker (CCW) status, and are required to maintain certification throughout their involvement in the program. They are located in Calgary and Edmonton.

The 211 Community Resource Department (CRD) is located at the Canadian Mental Health Association in Edmonton, and are responsible for the maintenance of the 211 community information within the InformAlberta database (www.InformAlberta.ca) and 211 Alberta database (www.ab.211.ca).

211 is a 24/7 information and referral line and callers can speak to a live person any time.  This helps complement the services provided by organizations if they are not available 24 hours.

The Municipal Data Collectors are responsible for researching and monitoring community resources within their communities.  The decision to include a resource in the InformAlberta and 211 Alberta database is guided by the InformAlberta Inclusion Policy.  An InformAlberta Regional Exceptions Inclusion Policy is created for each partnering region to reflect their specific community needs. 

If a resource has been discovered that is not currently in the database, there is opportunity to provide service education on what 211 does, and to find out if the agency is a good fit for the database.