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Bylaw No. LU 20/18: Received First Reading April 11, 2018

File #: PLRD20170317

Applicant: ODERSKY, Ernie

Landowner: ODERSKY, Ernie

Legal: NE 1-33-2-W5M

Division: 7

Community: Netook

Public Hearing date: May 9, 2018

Submissions provided to: Tracey Connatty 403-335-3311 ext 225

List of Attachments: Redesignation Application Package

Development Permits

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File #: PLDP20180071

Applicant: GUZMANUK, Thomas C

Landowner: GUZMANUK, Gladys Leone

Legal: NE 35-31-5-5

Division: 4

Community: Bergen

Deadline for Submissions: April 18, 2018

Submissions provided to: Carrie Mabin 403-335-3311 ext 135

List of Attachments: Development Permit Package