Documents & Applications

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Statutory Planning Documents

Area Structure Plans

Municipal Development Plan Monitoring Reports

Intermunicipal Development Plans ("IDP") / Inter-Municipal Cooperation Framework (ICF)

  • Carstairs IDP 
  • Cremona IDP 
  • Didsbury IDP 
  • Olds IDP and ICF (Approved 2016)
  • Sundre IDP 

Policies and Procedures

Planning and Development Policies and Procedures

Available on our Policies & Procedures page. All P&D policies & procedures are under 6000.

Operational Services Policies and Procedures (applicable to planning and development processes)

Available on our Policies & Procedures page. Relevant policies include:

  • Policy #4005 Road Template
  • Policy #4006 Road Use Agreements
  • Policy #4007 Riparian / Procedure
  • Policy #4009 Design Guideline & General Construction Specifications
  • Policy #4010 Construction of County Road Allowances
  • Policy #4012 Grader Blade & Culvert Sales
  • Policy # 4014 Road Access
  • Policy #4015 Dust Control

Planning Application Forms

Planning Brochures

Development/Building Permit Application Forms

Permits must be obtained prior to starting any development or building.

Check with the County Office to confirm if you require permits, or read the following Information:

Click to download Permit Application

Development/Building Brochures