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Council and Committees

County Council is responsible for the growth, direction and sustainability of Mountain View County. Council directs Administration in the delivery of traffic enforcement, roads and public works maintenance, property assessments, agriculture services, land development, fire, police and emergency services, and recreational facilities.

Meeting schedule

First Wednesday of each month:

  • Policies and Priorities Committee Meeting after 9 a.m.

Second Wednesday of each month:

  • Regular Council Meeting after 9 a.m.

Third Wednesday of each month:

  • No Meeting Scheduled

Fourth Wednesday of each month:

  • Regular Council Meeting after 9 a.m.

Mountain View County Electoral Divisions (Click on map to download PDF version.)

Mountain View County is divided into seven divisions; each of which is represented by an elected County Councilor:

  • Division One: Jackson, Wessex and Midway
  • Division Two: Water Valley/ Winchell Lake, Dogpound; Parts of Jackson, Fallentimber, Elkton/ Rugby and Westcott
  • Division Three: Lonepine, Rosebud; Parts of Westerdale, Westcott, Wessex and Midway
  • Division Four: Elkton/ Rugby, Westcott; Parts of Fallentimber, Bergen, Harmattan, Westerdale and Westcott
  • Division Five: Bearberry, James River, McDougal Flats; Parts of Bergen and Eagle Hill/ Westward Ho
  • Division Six: Eagle Hill/ Westward Ho, Hainstock; Parts of Harmattan and Westerdale
  • Division Seven: Netook, Reed Ranch; Parts of Hainstock, Westerdale, Rosebud and Lonepine

Municipal election dates across Alberta are held in three year intervals, and all residents are eligible to vote.

Code of Ethics for Councillors Code of Conduct for Councillors

1. Councillors agree to respect the personal views of other Councillors and the decisions of Council;
2. Councillors agree that they may publicly express their own opinions on Council matters but not so as to undermine the standing of Council in the community;
3. The Councillor appointed as Reeve agrees to always represent the opinion or position of Council when speaking publicly, except where statements are identified as solely representing his/her Division;
4. Councillors agree that they will incur expenditures in a responsible manner;
5. Councillors agree to avoid situations where pecuniary interest or conflict of interest would apply;
6. Councillors agree to act with integrity and respect when interacting with Council, staff and members of the public;
7. Councillors agree to demonstrate fairness in all dealings and conduct and be open with and accountable to the community at all times, and
8. Councillors agree to endeavour to conduct themselves in a manner that they would be prepared to acknowledge to other Councillors and members of the Mountain View community.

1. In performing the role of a Reeve, Deputy Reeve, Councillor or a member of a committee, a Councillor:
a. must act honestly, and
b. must exercise reasonable care and diligence.
2. A person who is, or has been, a Reeve, Deputy Reeve, Councillor or member of a committee must not make improper use of their position to:
a. gain, or attempt to gain, directly or indirectly, an advantage for themselves or any other person;
b. cause, or attempt to cause, detriment to the Council; or
c. make improper use of information acquired because of their position.

MVC Council's Strategic Goals

Interested in what Council's strategic goals and priorities are?

Please see Council's Approved Strategic Goals at this link (Updated May 22, 2013)

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