- September 11, 2019

Village of Cremona IDP

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Mountain View County and the Village of Cremona have worked together to review the Intermunicipal Development Plan (IDP) and are providing notice to the public that a Special Council Meeting has been called for Mountain View County Council and a Special Council Meeting for Village of Cremona Council to perform a Joint Public Hearing and consider 2nd and 3rd reading of Mountain View County Bylaw 14/19 and Village of Cremona Bylaw 495-19.

The Special Council Meeting for the joint Public Hearing and consideration of 2nd and 3rd reading for Bylaw No. 14/19 and Bylaw No. 495-19 is scheduled on Tuesday October 8, 2019 at or after 7:00 pm, at the Cremona Gold and Silver Club, 113 Center Street – Cremona, Alberta.

Any persons commenting at the joint Public Hearing date listed above shall state their name, location of residence, and whom they represent.  Any person who wishes to address either Council on the above mentioned matter may do so for a period of five minutes.  Only one presentation per person or group is allowed.  Any person who wishes to address either Council may do so at the joint Public Hearing.

Residents may inspect the proposed Bylaw No. 14/19 at the County Planning and Development Department at the County office and Bylaw No. 495-19 at the Village of Cremona office; or view it here on the County; or contact the County office at 403-335-3311 ext 166 or the Village office at 403-637-3762 for a copy to be mailed or emailed out to you (at no cost).