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Mountain View County's authorities, boards and committees need you

Do you want to help make Mountain View County a better place? Then you may wish to join the dozens of County residents who spend time each year getting acquainted with the ABC's of Mountain View County by serving on authorities, boards and committees.

Mountain View County committees are composed of everyday citizens who are looking to make a difference in their communities. After having gained the knowledge and experience that comes with sitting on a County committee, it is quite common for committee members to take the next step and run for a seat on Council in a municipal election.

Code of Ethics for committee members

(Taken from Mountain View County Bylaw No. 10/07, as amended Committees of Council)

This code of conduct is to ensure that Committee Members act honestly, in good faith and in the best interests of Mountain View County.

a) Members agree to respect the personal view of other Members and the decisions of the Committee.
b) Members agree that they may publicly express their own opinions on Committee matters but not so as to undermine the standing of the County or the Committee.
c) Members appointed as Chair agree to always represent the opinion or position of the Committee when speaking publicly.
d) Members agree that they will incur expenditures in a responsible manner.
e) Members agree to avoid situations where a conflict of interest would apply.
f) Members agree to act with integrity and respect when interacting with Council, Committee, staff and members of the public.
g) Members agree to demonstrate fairness in all dealings and conduct and be open with and accountable to Council at all times.
h) Members agree to conduct themselves in a manner that they would be prepared to acknowledge to other Members and members of Council and the Mountain View County community.
(added Bylaw 33/08, January 7/09)

Application of the Code of Ethics for committee members

(Taken from Mountain View County Bylaw No. 10/07, as amended Committees of Council)

1401. Respect for other Member's personal views

a) Informed decision making is derived from healthy debate through exchange of views by Members in the appropriate forum.
b) Whilst Members will sometimes disagree with the view of their colleagues, good decision making will be enhanced if those views can be heard and considered.
c) All Members are given an opportunity to respond to the view of others through the Chair; those responses should be made in a well spirited and responsible manner so as to promote healthy debate and ultimately lead to good decision making.
d) Members should feel confident to be able to express their views in the meeting without unnecessary interruption.
(added Bylaw 33/08, January 7/09)

1402. Respect for Committee decisions

a) Committee decisions result from a majority of Members voting in a particular way. Not all decisions are unanimous and Members recognize that individual Members are entitled to their own opinions.
b) Unless subsequently revoked or amended, a decision of the Committee is final.
c) Without compromising the rights of individual members to maintain opposition to a Committee decision, those Members must both accept and respect the decision made by the majority of their fellow Members through the democratic voting process.

d) Whilst it is acceptable for an individual Member to publicly state that they did not vote in line with the majority of the Committee colleagues, this must always be don in a manner that is respectful to the Committee decision.
(added Bylaw 33/08, January 7/09)

1403. Public comment

a) Whilst Members are entitled to express their own opinions on Committee matters, this should be done with open acknowledgement of and respect for any Council or Committee decision that does not support a Member's view point.
(added Bylaw 33/08, January 7/09)

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